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Roof Repair Experts

Why You Should Call the Roof Repair Experts

When you’re looking for roof repair experts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, consider RS Roofing. We have decades worth of roofing experience in the greater DFW Metroplex and are familiar with the local rules and regulations.

One of the main goals for RS Roofing is to be the only roofing contractor you’ll need throughout the lifetime of each house that you live. You’ll certainly notice the benefit of having the same company with a named contact working on your roof as they’ll know all of its strengths and weaknesses and they will help you add thousands to your home when you finally decide to sell.

The small team of roof repair experts at RS Roofing are all fully licensed by the state of Texas. They come with HAAG recognition and praise from the Azle Chamber of Commerce and dozens of satisfied customers across the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Three Key Services

One of the top reasons RS Roofing is the go to roof repair experts in north Texas is their three R offer of roofing services. These are:


When you decide to sell your home, the roof should be one of the first things you should look at fixing. Many real estate agents will knock thousands of dollars from the price of your property if they feel that it will cost their clients time and effort to fix the roof. You’ll also need roof repair experts to restore your roof if it’s one of the key features of the building, such the case of old colonial homes. This work should make your roof look like new in the style that it was originally designed.


Roof remodeling is a service targeted at new homeowners who want to add a little something extra to the house. Remodeling work includes changing the material of the roof, for example changing it from slate to terracotta tiles, or reshaping the whole roof to allow for an extension or loft conversion. This is the most expensive project as it may involve removing parts of the roof and the timbers underneath as well as adding new structures to your home. However, your roof repair experts will leave your house spotless and your roof in the best condition that its ever been in.


Renovation work should leave your roof looking like new from the outside but stronger and more weather proof on the inside. Typically, most people choose to renovate their roof after a big storm or tree damage and the most common changes include strengthening the shingles and reinforcing the waterproof underlay. It is possible, and indeed advisable, to renovate your roof to be storm proof before an incident occurs. The proof of the work done will also work in your favor if you have to claim on your homeowners’ insurance policy.

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