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Ft Worth Roof Repair

Fort Worth Roof Repair by the Experts 

RS Roofing rightly has a place among the best Fort Worth roof repair companies for many reasons. Some people choose them for their hard work and dedication to fine details. Some appreciate their quick response times after a storm. Others like them because they’re friendly, approachable and always led by what you, the client, want and can afford to have done. Whatever the reason, RS Roofing will be a solid and accessible choice for your roof repair.


Perhaps one of the main reasons why RS comes highly rated among Ft Worth roof repair companies is the range of services that they offer. For a small company, they provide a variety of roofing related services such as:

  • Emergency repair – you’ll need a good Fort Worth roof repair company after a big storm during hurricane season. RS Roofing will be one of the first on the scene. They will send someone out within hours of your call to assess the damage and to help you work out what needs to be fixed immediately and what could be left until you can get the money together. Work will start within a week to get your home watertight and safe again.
  • Insurance claims – one of the biggest problems of dealing with storm damage is having to fight your way through the red tape of your insurance company. RS Roofing is one of the only Fort Worth roof repair companies who will act as your agent when you’re dealing with the insurance company. They will be able to provide proof that the damage was caused by the storm and not through neglect or poor workmanship.
  • Preventative action – while most roofing companies will help you sort out the mess once it’s been made, you can rely on RS Roofing to come and investigate your property ahead of the storm season. They can either do jobs such as clearing gutters, fixing shingles and repairing the waterproof lining for you or as part of the service they’ll show you to do these simple bits of maintenance yourself. These will help reduce the damage that storms can wreak on your house and act as proof of your proper roof maintenance.

Your North Central Texas roof storm damage specialists, covering: Azle, Ft Worth, Lake Worth, Saginaw, Springtown, Weatherford, White Settlement, and all areas in between.

Many people don’t think about roof damage when they think about their homeowners insurance. Don’t underestimate how hard it can be to get money back for essential repairs to keep your family safe and dry. This is why RS roofing employs two insurance claims specialists who will take your case on personally. They will be in charge of making sure that all of the claim forms are filled in correctly and truthfully and they will act as the first point of call for the insurance company to make your life easier.

This dedication to customer service is a big part of what makes RS Roofing the go to Fort Worth roof repair company. The size of the business means that you’ll always have a named point of contact to help you if anything goes wrong with your roof or your insurance claim.